7 Best Fitness Trackers for Crossfit 2022

Whether you’re just starting your CrossFit journey or you’re already a CrossFit buff for a pretty good time, in both scenarios keeping point-to-point progress is what you want to record with no doubt at all!

But without a robust fitness tracker, it’s pretty hard to keep a track record of your physical activity. So for this purpose, if you want to buy a fitness watch but are not sure which you should pick? Then this guide is exceptionally crafted for you!

7 Best Fitness Trackers For Crossfit

Our Top 3 Picks

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Key Features


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Fitbit Charge 5

  • Battery Life: 7+days

  • Water resistance

  • Built-in GPS

  • Health Tracker

Garmin Forerunner 945

  • Battery Life: 14days

  • On-the-go music

  • Contactless Pay

  • Coloured maps

Polar Vantage V

  • Battery Life: 4+days

  • Triathlon

  • HR

  • Water Proof

Which Features to Consider? | Buyer’s Guide

Bothered with the concerns messing up in your mind, how the heck should I pick a fitness tracker for myself?

We’ve mentioned a few factors below; keeping these factors while buying can help you make an informed buying decision for sure:

Is it User-Friendly Software?

If you are entirely into CrossFit’s breath-breaking training session and in between the exercise, you remember that you forgot to set up your watch to record your fitness data and end up losing all of your data, RIGHT?

A good fitness tracker with easy-to-use software interference can wipe away a lot of hassle from the table and makes the data recording task during the training a bit easier.

So, consider a fitness tracker that is user-friendly for your ease.

GPS (Built-in) is a Must-Have?

Thinking about whether you need a GPS in your fitness tracker? So, the answer is Yes & NO at the same time!

Don’t get confused over here. Let us explain in detail!

If you are a Crossfit runner, cyclist, or just taking a phone during high-intensity Crossfit workouts gives you veins, then yes, you should consider built-in GPs to keep a check over your fitness data.

Whereas, if you don’t prefer to do Crossfit gum rather than running and cycling, then GPS is the thing you should ignore.


Check whether the fitness tracker you are about to pick is capable of connecting with various devices? Don’t ignore this factor at any cost, as you may end up regretting later.

Although most fitness trackers can connect with more than one device for Apple Watch, you can not pair it up with other devices except Apple devices.   

Battery (Life & Charging Time!)

So, here comes good advice that takes one step further when looking for battery life and charging time. First, don’t ever trust just the information that you can see in their advertising.

(Obviously, how can they accept their flaws openly?)

Despite this, what should we consider as a go battery? A standard battery can be charged quickly between 30-60 minutes and ranges somewhere from 5 days to a single day of battery running time.

There are fitness trackers that come up with more than 14 days of battery timing which takes away all the battery charging hassle and worries of charging the battery repeatedly. Not just that, you don’t lose the data while you sleep.

Weight & Comfort?

What if the fitness tracker you pick looks attractive from the outside but is significantly uncomfortable and heavy on your wrist? Your investment will go in the trash.

Keeping this in mind, choose a watch that comes up straps with a snug fit with a comfy fabric that hugs around your wrist that doesn’t irritate at all.

Heart Rate, Sleep & Recovery Data

You want to buy a fitness tracker to be better at your CrossFit, RIGHT? So keeping this in mind, you should pick up a tracker that does detailed and extensive monitoring of your heart rate.

Another factor that matters a lot in CrossFit professionals is the sleep cycle. So, look for a tracker that points out your sleep schedule, different stages, and activity profoundly.

Water Resistance

Most fitness tracker watches come with the water-resistance feature. Thinking, why do you need this feature?

It’s a no-brainer that when you go into intense CrossFit training, you will end up sweating all over yourself.

To protect the device from moisture, the water-resistance feature can long last your device’s life.

Activity Types & Customized Workout Routines

Crossfit athletes better know how much intense work they do. These fitness trackers come up with pretty many options that you can customize according to your workout requirements.

This feature lets you track and record your data in detail.

Check these 7 Best CrossFit Fitness Tracker Reviews

We understand how hard it is to finalize a fitness tracer from plenty of options. Making this process easier, we’ve put together a detailed review of the 7 best fitness watches for CrossFit athletes below:

1. Fitbit Charge 5 Fitness + Health Tracker

Who doesn’t know that Fitbit always surprises fitness lovers with the most advanced fitness trainers all the time?

This time we’ve picked Fitbit’s Charge 5 fitness tracker that exceptional features that any CrossFit athlete would love to grab and record its fitness progress.

Crossfit athletes are always unsure whether their body needs a recovery rest from the workout they did earlier or need training?

Fitbit Charge 5 Fitness And Health Tracker

The Fitbit Charge 5 comes up with a redness score that tells you whether your body is ready for a CrossFit workout or you need a break.

(Not to forget that it needs a premium membership!)

This fitness watch cares about your mental health too. To maintain your stress levels, you can use its stress management feature. It tells you your daily report of how your body reacts towards stress which helps you take better actions to lower your stress levels.

Not just that, you can calm down your stress levels with the EDA’s mindfulness tools that help you maintain a good stress management score!

When it comes to heart rate, along with an ECG app, it keeps an edge-to-edge track record of your heart rate activity and notifies you on your phone. Over the health rate metric dashboard, you get your wellness info all in one place. From tracking SpO2 to heart rate activity, from skin variation and breathing rate, there are so many health insights you can get all in one place.

Although it doesn’t support the “Hey Google” assistant and Alexa, it doesn’t stop you from enjoying its other perks. For all the running CrossFit athletes, you don’t have to take your phones on your running, hiking, or riding tracks anymore.

To get the real-time distance and time data; the built-in GPS is strong enough to do this job.

With over up to 7 days of battery life, it’s an all-rounder fitness tracker for CrossFit athletes to get in-depth fitness metrics in no time at all!


  • Dimensions: ‎(3.68 cm) x (2.28 cm) x (1.12 cm)
  • Weight: 29g
  • Battery Life: Up to 7 days
  • Water Resistance: (50 m)
  • Built-in GPS: Yes
  • Attractive Design and 7+ days battery life
  • Readiness Score & Stress Management score tracker
  • Up to 7 days battery life
  • One stop all health insights over health rate metrics dashboard
  • Built-in GPS
  • No Alexa or Google Assistant

2. Polar IGNITE Waterproof & Heart Rate Tracking Fitness Watch

We are here with another fitness tracker on our list! This time we’ve picked Polar IGNITE’s a fitness tracker for you. This one is specifically made for you to all outdoor CrossFit athletes as it comes up with all the features you can desire.

When it comes to its design, you don’t get disappointed at all. Coming up in a range of colors with a 1-touch button, color touch display, and a sleek and slim design, you can quickly wear it around your wrist 24/7 without getting irritated.

We all know that battery life is the thing that makes or breaks your fitness tracker. So when we checked its battery timing, we were surprised to say that its battery timing is good enough to rely on.

Polar Ignite Waterproof And Heart Rate Fitness Watch

When the GPS and wrist-based heart rate feature is on in training mode, it’s 17+ hours, and in “watch” mode, it is more than 5 days!

(What more do you want?)

Whether you are an outdoor CrossFit runner, hiking enthusiast, or swimmer, you don’t have to carry around your mobile device along with yourself. Because with a built-in GPS and GLONASS, you get free from this phone-taking restriction. You actually get all the data of speed, route, and distance just over your wrist.

With an integrated OHR monitor, you get a close-to-accurate blood flowing rate. Moreover, you can more consciously monitor your calorie intake with its calorie counter too. Last but not least, you can count down your sleep cycle health and its different stages (such as light, medium, and deep sleep).

Not just that, you also get deep insight into how your body recovers from the stress your body faces throughout the day just because of its nightly recharging feature.

Unfortunately, though it doesn’t come with triathlon functionality, that means you can’t switch from one training to another, which may bother you.

However, it’s a good fitness tracker that comes with a Fitbit Spark daily training guide that guides you during your training and doesn’t let you jump off the track.


  • Dimensions: ‎(o.17 in) x (0.17 in) x (0.04 in)
  • Weight: 1.23 oz
  • Battery Life: Up-to 5 days
  • Other Features: OHR, Night Recharging, Fitbit Spark Daily Training Guide and Sleep Tracking
  • Built-in GPS: Yes
  • Night recharging
  • Fitbit Part training guide
  • Up-to 5 days battery life
  • Sleep tracking
  • Built-in GPS and GLONASS
  • No-Triathlon functionality means it is hard to switch between training modes.

3. Garmin Forerunner 945 | Premium Running Smartwatch

If you are from those rare CrossFit athletes who prefer to run endlessly over rough and tough running tracks or swim in pools or open water instead of CrossFit workouts, then Garmin’s Forerunner 954 should be your choice.

Thinking, why? Let us tell you in-depth below:

While testing, we got that this fitness tracking watch is a perfect combo of features that a CrossFit running and swimming athlete can desire. It’s a premium fitness tracker with triathlon functionality that allows you to switch between swimming or running training modes.

Garmin Forerunner 945 Premium Running Smartwatch

Integrated with music storage and streaming, you can enjoy doing your hard CrossFit running or triathlete workouts. Despite this, one of the main concerns that CrossFit buffs and triathletes face is performance tracking.

Thanks to this tracker, it comes up with performance tracking features that help you keep a solid record of 24/7 physical activity to get real-time fitness insights to perform better in your training. While tracking your VO2 max, it also adjusts the value based on the heat and altitude.

Over the training status, you can see the in-depth data of your recently performed workout to help you understand whether you are reaching or overreaching your fitness goals. You can see the insights of your last 7 days’ performance too. Through recovery time, you also predict how much time you need to do the next training.

While testing and analyzing this, we found out that you can make payments directly through your fitness tracker. Sounds weird? Garmin’s pay contactless payment solution becomes real, and you don’t have to take cash or debit cards along with you. But, of course, your bank should be the participant in it.

If we talk about its battery life, it lasts for more than 2 weeks when smartwatch mode is on, 10 hours when the GPS and music, and 60+ hours when the Ultratrac mode is on. Moreover, with a built-in colored map over your wrist, you never lose track while doing your CrossFit running or cycling.


  • Dimensions: (1.85 in) (1.85 in) (0.34 in)
  • Weight: 1.76oz
  • Battery Life: 14 days
  • Other Features: Triathlon, on the go bank and music and coloured maps on your wrist!
  • Built-in GPS: Yes
  • Triathlon feature (Great for swimmers, runners and cyclists!)
  • Robust battery life and wear4u earbuds and power pack bundle
  • Coloured maps on your wrist
  • Pay your bills with your watch
  • On the go music
  • Not so accurate distance!

4. Garmin Vivoactive 3 | Built-in Sports App & Contactless Payment

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is also an excellent choice for CrossFit athletes as it is a one-stop solution to all your Crossfit training needs. If you are a CrossFit athlete who loves to run on long tracks in rough and harsh weather or swimming is too close to your fitness soul, then this fitness tracker is the one that matches your needs.

This fitness tracker comes up with a Garmin Chroma Display integrated with extra-durable, corning gorilla glass.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Crossfit Fitness Tracker

In addition, you can side-swipe things that help you scroll and swift between apps which is comfy and easy to use a fitness tracker. Despite this, you don’t have to worry about taking cash or debit cards in your wallet. Instead, just use its contactless banking!

Not just that, you can get the guide over numerous exercises and indoor physical activities such as yoga, swimming, running, etc., as there are already 15+ pre-downloaded fitness apps that help you do your CrossFit training with varieties.

If you love to make your usable personalized, then this fitness tracker will somewhat satisfy your inner being. It allows you to make it personalized with multiple free watch faces, widgets, and apps available over Connect IQ Store.

Despite all these fancy features, another plus point of this fitness tracker is that it extensively monitors your fitness performance —Yeah, it estimates your age and stress levels too. While updating your social account activities through notification allows you to use LiveTrack and Garmin Connect.

In a nutshell, with a battery life of 7+ days in smartwatch mode and 13+ hours in GPS mode, it is a fitness tracker that a CrossFit buff can desire.


  • Dimensions: ‎(1.7 in) x (1.7 in) x (0.46 in)
  • Weight: 1.52oz
  • Battery Life: 7+ days
  • Other Features: contactless payment, built-in sports app and GPS!
  • Built-in GPS: Yes
  • On the go, contactless payment
  • Built-in sports app to get workout guides
  • Robust battery timing: 7+ days in smartwatch mode & 13+ hours in GPS mode!
  • OHR, stress level, age and other fitness performance.
  • Chroma display with gorilla glass
  • Not “SO” accurate GPS!

5. Polar Vantage V Premium Multisport Fitness Watch

Next, we’ve Polar Vantage V fitness watch in our review list. Our team of experts tested and tried this fitness personally and found this tracker good for CrossFit and triathletes at the same time.

Undoubtedly battery timing is the factor that matters a lot in a fitness tracker performance. Keeping this in mind, this fitness tracker comes up with a durable battery that a CrossFit can demand.

With more than 40 hours of battery timing in GPS mode, it can tolerate the roughest and tough running, swimming, cycling, or any other CrossFit training you are doing in your routine.

Polar Vantage V Premium Multisport Fitness Watch

It is integrated with a polar precision prime heart rate feature that monitors your heart rate activity with close-enough accuracy when it comes to measuring your heart rate.

The feature that sets it apart from the rest of our picks is that it comes up with an advanced running power that helps you do better in your running Crossfit training.

What more you get in this fitness tracker is that its Training Load Pro feature provides deep insights into how your CrossFit training affects your body. Last but not least, it also gives detailed data of your body recovery through your past-done exercise and what you can perform in the next with the recovery pro feature.

In short, this fitness tracker is an excellent choice for CrossFit and triathletes to keep the end-to-end fitness record of performing better in their training.


  • Dimensions: ‎(7.5 cm) x (4.5 in) x (5 cm)
  • Weight: 68.04g
  • Battery Life: 40 hours (GPS Mode)
  • Other Features: Triathlon, HR, Running Power, Water Proof
  • Premium GPS: Yes
  • Suitable for multi-sport, triathlon and crossfit athletes!
  • Durable battery timing
  • Water resistance
  • Running Power & Recovery PRO
  • Excellent GPS
  • Doesn’t perfectly notifies you about your updates on your wrist

6. Fitbit Sense Smartwatch with Advanced Health Tools

We’ve picked Fitbit’s Sense Advanced fitness tracker as our second last product.

While using and experiencing this product, you don’t have to worry about managing your stress levels because its EDA scan app shares the insights of the electrodermal activity of your stress and built-in skin temperature levels.

Sharing your fitness progress with your doctor has become more accessible. For this, you can use (ECG app) atrial fibrillation.

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch With Advanced Health Tools

Despite this, you can check your blood oxygen levels each night too. Moreover, it notifies you when your heart rate is more or less than the usual average rate.

After using it for a pretty good time, we can’t deny that its battery life is quite impressive with more than 6 days and fast charging capability that only takes 12 min. However, don’t forget that the battery timing is quite different when GPS mode is on. It’s 12+ hours!

Whether you are a CrossFit runner, swimmer, cyclist, or you do sets of CrossFit exercises, in each case, you need a GPS to get the insights over pace and distance. Fitbit’s Sense smartwatch comes with built-in GPs that records every bit of speed and distance covered during your CrossFit training session.

Additionally, it’s waterproof at 50 m, meaning that you can swim under the water and still get your fitness progress data over your wrist.

It also comes up with a built-in mic and speaker that enables you to attend to your Bluetooth calls when your phone is close to yourself. Not just that, it is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa & Google Assistant that can help you get your tasks done quickly.


  • Dimensions: ‎(1.59 in) x (1.59 in) x (0.49 in)
  • Weight: 1.06oz
  • Battery Life: 6+ days (12+ hours in GPS Mode)
  • Other Features: Water resistance, stress management, skin temperature
  • Built-in GPS: Yes!
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Built-in GPS & mic
  • Watch mode: 6+days & GPS mode: 12+ hours battery timing
  • 50 M water resistant
  • Attractive design
  • No Google pay for contactless payments!

7. Apple Watch Series 6 | Cellular, Aluminium Case & Sports Band

Ending our recommendation list with the spotlighted smart — Yeah, we’re talking about the Apple’s Watch Series 6!

It’s a no-brainer that when you are in between your high-intensity CrossFit training, you don’t have much time to touch the screen just to see your physical activity progress.

Thanks to Apple’s watch series 6, you don’t have to do that at all. It comes up with a display that remains on all the time that helps you see the status of your fitness activity at a glance.

Apple Watch Series 6 Crossfit Fitness Tracker

Tracking heart records is what each CrossFit individual wants to check, and for this, you can see the heart rate activity over the ECG app. Not just that, it notifies you about your high or low heart rate activity too. With the blood oxygen app, you can even get the status of your blood oxygen too!

With a 50% louder speaker than Apple’s Watch Series 3, it is an all-in-one digital device that helps you take your next step towards healthy living. You can listen to and stream music, favorite audiobooks, or even podcasts by connecting it to your iPhone or iPad.

The few minus points our team figured out while testing it for a week is that it doesn’t get connected to other android devices at all. Also, its poor battery timing of only 18+ hours may bother your soul from the inside out.

Making your Apple’s smartwatch personalized with sports bands that come up in the aluminum case, you can use this fitness watch to track your CrossFit training progress!


  • Dimensions: ‎(144mm) x (38mm) x (10.7 mm)
  • Case Weight: (36.5g)
  • Battery Life: 18+ hours
  • Other Features: Waterproof, GPS, Aluminium case and sports band
  • Built-in GPS: Yes!
  • Water proof & Louder Speaker
  • All-time-on display
  • Listen and stream endless music, podcasts and audiobooks
  • ECG app for HR tracking
  • Blood oxygen app for oxygen level tracking in blood
  • Poor battery life!

Ending Remarks!

We all know how demanding CrossFit enthusiasts train themselves to achieve their specific fitness goal, which is impossible without understanding the fitness data that you can only get through a quality fitness tracking device.

Want to buy a fitness tracker but are unsure which one is good for you?

What features resonate with your CrossFit training requirements? Then check out the above-detailed guide we’ve compiled just for you!

FAQs | Answering Frequently Asked Queries!

Q1: Does wearing a fitness tracker help CrossFit athletes to do a better performance?
A: Absolutely yes! Wearing a fitness tracker provides them with all the essential information to make better and healthy steps in achieving their CrossFit goals.
Q2: I love Apple's Series 6 Fitness watch but don't have an iPhone or IPad device. Is this watch compatible with android devices?
A: Simple, no! Unfortunately, you can’t connect Apple’s Series 6 smartwatch with any of your android devices.
Q3: Does Heart Rate Monitoring is a must-have feature for a CrossFit fitness tracker?
A: Yeah, it’s essential to track and record your heart rate activity to perform better in your training.

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